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Wiring and Connections


This page is for people who want to assemble this project without a PCB. The pin numbers and connections are documented below.

ESP32 "A"

This project contains 2 ESP32 modules; “A”, and “B”. This section is the wiring for “A”.

Both of your ESP32 modules should be described as the ESP32 dev kit v4 as documented here. The pin numbers on this page refer to the numbers on the devkit PCB and not the internal GPIO pins.

ESP32 A pin Connected To
Ground ESP32 B ground
Ground SD card ground
Ground i2c (LCD) ground
Ground SIM800L ground
pin 22 i2c (LCD) SCL
pin 21 i2c (LCD) SDA
pin 27 ESP32 B pin 14
pin 14 ESP32 B pin 27
5v ESP32 B 5v
3v SD card VCC
3v i2c (LCD) VCC
pin 16 GPS TX
pin 17 GPS RX
pin 19 SD card MISO
pin 5 SD card CS
pin 18 SD card CLK
pin 23 SD card MOSI

ESP32 "B"

This section is for the remaining ESP32 module “B”.

ESP32 B pin Connected To
pin 16 SIM800L TX
pin 17 SIM800L RX
Ground DS18B20 Ground
Ground ESP A Ground
pin 22 DS18B20 (DQ) Data
5v DS18B20 Data 4k7 pullup
5v DS18B20 VCC
5v ESP32 A 5v
pin 27 ESP32 A pin 14
pin 14 ESP32 A pin 27
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